ABC Investment Strategy

ABC Capital Group, LLC seeks real estate investments that generate balanced wealth for our clients and company.  We focus all types of investment properties (multifamily, commercial, development, etc.) that meet the specific investment criteria of our individual clients.  This investment strategy seeks to provide current income and long-term capital growth.  The portfolio management team utilizes a combination of strategic research and applied expertise to identify these properties and assist our clients in the construction of their portfolios.

With a mission to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to its investor, ABC Capital Group has an investment approach to ensure that this goal is met. ABC Capital Group, LLC will employ the following methods to ensure appropriate risk-mitigation and to maximize returns:

·         Careful selection of market/submarkets that exhibit:
       o   Superior growth prospects
       o   Expectation to outperform in recovery, and
       o   Demographics growth and job growth to drive demand
·         Investing at significant discounts to market
·        Employee diligent research, including:
       o   Detailed market research
       o   Demographic trend analysis
       o   Economic trend analysis
·         Utilizing moderate leverage at attractive rates
·         Active management of stabilized projects to grow NOI, maximize cash flow and drive increases in long term value
·         Target exit strategy into recovering property and capital markets as appropriate

Houston, Texas Real Estate Market

The Houston, Texas Real Estate is one of the hottest markets in America.  In fact, the city was recently named “healthiest housing market for 2013” by Trulia.  The economic landscape of Houston is very diverse.  Houston ranked as the No. 4 city in the U.S – fifth globally – in terms of real estate investment dollars overall in 2012.  The Houston market continues to draw an array of foreign and domestic capital sources.  Experts believe that further expansion in healthcare, distribution facilities and energy services are indicators of long-term fertility in the market.